TEDCO Loan Program

Tampa Bay Economic Development Loan Program is designed to foster the economic development and financial growth of small businesses in the Greater Tampa Bay area.

Minimum loan size is $10,000 and maximum is $75,000. Borrowers are expected to provide a minimum 10 percent equity injection into individual projects.


Loan Amount Minimum $10,000
Use Of Loan Proceeds Any business need
Eligibility Must be a for profit business. Demonstrate the ability to repay the requested loan. Must have experience in their selected industry if starting a new business.
  • Non-profit entity
  • Investment company
  • Passive income properties
Term Varies based on the purpose and collateral.
Repayment Monthly
Collateral Required
Borrower’s Cash Participation Minimum 10% of project costs
Deposit to review loan application $100.00

Please contact us more information or application procedures.